Just a quick note to let readers know I am working on the Sage-Grouse issue.

There’s a lot of confusion out there as to the legal differences between the Emergency Protection Order (EPO) and the proposed recovery strategy.

The EPO is law and can be enforced. The recovery strategy is more like a wish-list of suggestions and tools that can be implemented. My understanding is that it is not enforceable, and thus the stocking densities suggested will not be mandated.

I will be conducting a few interviews with the feds in then next couple of weeks to further clarify the difference between the EPO and the recovery strategy. I may be publishing an article about it in Alberta Beef Magazine, but I will definitely be publishing something here.

Also, I was told that someone was stopped for while driving during the no-drive times, but I cannot verify this. I suspect it’s urban legend (well, in this case, rural legend) but if anyone has any definitive knowledge or names, please contact me.


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