Sheri Monk

Sheri Monk is an award-winning journalist based in Alberta, Canada. Areas of expertise include natural history, investigative journalism, conservation, biology, ecology, agriculture, sustainability, healthcare, and international trade.

Her passion for rattlesnakes meant leaving her home city of Winnipeg to move to Canada’s wild west – first in Saskatchewan and now in southern Alberta. When she’s not hiking the river hills and coulees for snakes, you can find her working on her biology degree or hip-deep in her latest investigative story.

Sheri has worked with all levels of government, and for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites. Comfortable both behind and in front of the camera (and microphone), she has experience in television, radio and multi-media platforms.

Sheri is currently accepting limited numbers of freelance assignments and contracts and considers each on a case-by-case basis.

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A rare breed

“Informed science writers are a rare breed in Canada. Sheri Monk is a dramatic excepts to the rule. She writes well, and that writing comes from a background of thorough research and considered thought.” ~ Jay Ingram, Canadian science author, broadcaster and public speaker

Capable Contender

“When it comes to investigative ability, industry knowledge, persistence and getting results without bias or preconceived agenda, Sheri is on a very short list of capable contenders.” ~ Lee Nilsson, agriculture and livestock entrepreneur

Keen Insight

"I knew when I first encountered Sheri Monk that there was something special about her. In fact, though I was officially retired and she was a near-rookie, and although we lived in different countries and hadn’t met, I started writing for her. Since that brief but fruitful collaboration, I’ve read her work, followed her on social media and watched her grow, and I’ve remained a fan." ~ Howard Weaver, journalist, author of Write Hard, Die Free